"What They Found in Your Water Was Shocking..."

There’s an ugly truth we’ve got to face about what we are really putting in our bodies with every sip of water we take – and how every American family – including yours – is at risk.

Make no mistake – this is crucial information I’m about to share. So take the short amount of time to keep reading, so you too can arm yourself with the facts.

This might be one of the most important messages you see about the true state of your drinking water – and I’ll show you the best way to protect your family’s health and wellbeing.

To fully understand the scope of the crisis, we have to go back a ways.

How A “One-Cell Assassin” Infested An Entire City’s Water Supply

Two decades ago, the good people of Milwaukee were sitting ducks, and they didn’t even know it.

In early April 1993, a microscopic terror known as the Cryptosporidium parasite had infested the city’s water supply – sickening thousands and killing a total of 69 people.

People rushed to the ER with crippling diarrhea were told to simply “go home and stay hydrated.”

So what did they do? They did what medical professionals told them to do.

They turned on the tap and unknowingly poured themselves a parasite-riddled, contaminated cocktail.

”In their quest for relief, they were actually doubling down on danger, doing the one thing that made them even sicker. And for almost 70 unlucky individuals…

Something that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye proved far more lethal than any gun or knife…

Silently stalking its victims, innocently masquerading as a crystal-clear glass of water.

And exactly how did this tiny marauder work its way into the city water supply?

The answer will shock you…

The Real Reason For The Worst Contaminated Water Crisis In U.S. History

This wasn’t a terrorist attack of some rogue nation poisoning the water. It wasn’t some kind of fluke or accident.

Credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nope – there was just one culprit to blame for what would soon be know as the worst water-borne outbreak since the days of cholera:

Total. Government. Incompetence.

You heard right. The Milwaukee Journal itself blasts those at blame:

In other words, the signs of something being wrong – very wrong, as it turns out – were all there. But water plant officials did nothing…

Shuffling their clay feet while thousands of their local citizens suffered horribly because of their ineptitude.

And by the time suspicions of this disgusting parasite became reality, over 400,000 unsuspecting people in the Milwaukee metro area had been infected.

No wonder Milwaukee resolved to say, “Never again!”

Tragically, it was already too late for dozens of
innocent people… many of them chronically ill, elderly… even young children.

It hardly mattered, though, at that point. The damage was done. People were sick, dying, or already dead.

Along with the lives of the innocent, people’s failing faith in government was finally laid to rest as well.

And despite efforts after the “Crypto Crisis” to clean up Milwaukee’s water, the horror of that spring in 1993 was burned into the memories of those who survived.

The whole nation could see, through Milwaukee’s tragedy, that government oversight wasn’t reassurance of anything – not health, or safety, or protecting its most vulnerable citizens.

Nope – the bare-knuckled truth was that the government wasn’t going to save anyone from being ravaged by a one-cell assassin named “Crypto.” In Milwaukee’s case, they were the ones putting folks in harm’s way.

A harsh lesson to learn, no doubt, and one that some people paid for with their lives.

But it’s not just Milwaukee that would see the horrifying reality of “toxic water.”

Cryptosporidium Was Just The Beginning Of America’s “Noxious Water Nightmare”

More recently, two other Midwest cities would suffer the same fate – each in different ways.

Take the case of Toledo, Ohio, in August 2014.

Out of the blue, city officials made a disturbing announcement to Toledo’s half a million residents: “Don’t drink the water.”

Residents were warned to avoid even touching the water, not that they’d want to – the water was literally green – in fact, it looked like that stuff seeping out of Linda Blair’s mouth in “The Exorcist!”

Toxic algae blooms, the result of phosphorus-rich farm runoff from surrounding agriculture across the Great Lakes region, overwhelmed Lake Erie.

The rich, fertile farmland in the “American Breadbasket” part of upper Ohio had a dark side, after all.

The problem was so bad; it didn’t even look like water anymore… more like thick, gloppy green paint!

Because Lake Erie is so shallow – only 24 feet deep in some parts – it provides the ideal environment for these revolting plants to flourish and everything else to die in its wake.

Lake Erie Is So Toxic, It’s Considered “Dead”

They call these toxic-green cesspools “dead zones,” because nothing can live in such putrid water – except the disgusting algae. Rotting fish, choked to death from the pea-soup slime, lined the shores of Lake Erie by the thousands.

These algae blooms contain a toxin called “microcystins.” They are so poisonous they can readily kill domestic animals, and leave humans with severe stomach upset, visual disturbances, even liver and kidney failure.

It’s a substance so dangerous, it’s even been studied by the military for use as a “biological weapon!” Water so toxic it could be compared to napalm and sarin gas.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Lake Erie and the waterways being fed by it had been troubled.

The lake has even caught on fire numerous times in the past from all the industrial pollution and crud that’s been thrown into it over the last century.

It’s fair to call it “a watery garbage dump.”

And after hearing their water wasn’t safe to drink… what happened next?

People stampeded their local Walmart’s, gas stations, and convenience stores to buy up all the bottled water they could find. Store shelves were stripped bare within hours. Even retailers across state lines had no bottled water!

It quickly became a full-blown water crisis.

Even today, a few years later…

Lake Erie still struggles in a constant battle to try to clean up its water.

And Then There Was Flint: Water So Poisonous, It Was Like Being Hit In The Head With A Lead Pipe

Despite Toledo’s water woes making the front-page news coast to coast, nothing could prepare folks for the shock they’d feel when the news of Flint, Michigan broke.

Because you know what’s scarier than toxic algae?

Flint’s lead-tainted water – to the point where a “state of emergency” is declared and years of greed, apathy, and total government incompetence are exposed.

At least in Toledo, you could actually SEE your water was bad. No one in their right mind was going to touch or drink the “green goo” slithering out of their kitchen’s tap.

However, the people of Flint had no such luck.

And honestly, you have to wonder… why would city officials switch Flint’s water supply from freshwater Lake Huron to the notoriously polluted Flint River – shown to be 19 times more corrosive than water tested from Detroit?

One simple word: money.

Apart from the revolting greed, though…

It wasn’t just the lead that caused panic. After the water scandal broke, residents reported record levels of Legionnaires Disease. And almost a dozen people died!

All from dirty corroded water teeming with toxins.

The most heartbreaking part? Some kids poisoned by Flint’s lead-tainted water might have lasting, irreversible damage to their health.

According to the World Health Organization, that includes lower IQs, neurological problems, behavioral changes, anemia, high blood pressure, weakened immune systems, and even sterility.

It’s enough to make any parent despair… especially the parents of children living in Flint.

Now, you might not live anywhere near Milwaukee, Toledo, or Flint…

But you should still be worried. Very worried.

Because while these severe water crises made headlines in the Midwest, recent findings show:

At least 43 of our 50 states and 250 million Americans are drinking putrid water… that just confirms…

Tainted Water Is An Epidemic, And It’s In Your Hometown

Strangely enough, much of this water is being made way more toxic from a by-product of water treatment plants. That’s right – they’re ruining your water by trying to purify it!

In other words, it’s not only the pollutants leaching into our drinking water we should be concerned about – it’s the “helpers” being added to it to make it “sufficiently clean” for human consumption.

A deadly interaction between chlorine – used to kill bacteria and viruses in our drinking water – and rotting organic materials like dead animals and decaying plants, creates a seriously scary chemical called “trihalomethanes.”

But this ghastly by-product is just part of the reason water treatment plants are failing miserably. Because sadly, they’re fighting a losing battle.

You may not ever think about it, but your city’s water main – the pipes that run from the public water source to your street and then your home – are ancient. And that’s being generous…

Most water main infrastructures were put in place 100 years ago or more… some even dating as far back as the Civil War!

America’s Water Mains Are Crumbling… And They’re Just Going To Get Worse

Alarmingly, most of these disintegrating pipes were constructed from copper and lead. Yes, LEAD.

It wasn’t until the last 50 years or so that the dangers of lead exposure became commonly known and lead was banned from building materials, paint, and more.

Not surprisingly, these decrepit, failing water delivery systems earn a miserable “D” rating from the American Society of Civil Engineers. They’re crumbling before our very eyes.

According to the experts, an estimated 240,000 water main breaks occur every year!

Right now, there’s at least one million miles of water pipes delivering fresh water to homes throughout the United States. To upgrade them all would cost an estimated one TRILLION dollars.

And thanks to Obama’s rampant spending we’re twenty trillion in the hole – so that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Trump was spot on when he said our country’s infrastructure was a joke!

In order to prevent lead from leaching into the water supply, anti-corrosives (yet another caustic chemical) are added along with chlorine to control bacteria.

The chemical reactions caused by these agents have been linked to bladder, colon and rectal cancers, stillborn babies, and miscarriages.

However, an aging water infrastructure is really just the tip of the iceberg, because…

This Laundry List Of Water Toxins Will Churn Your Stomach

There’s a witch’s brew already in your water, silently waiting to wreak havoc on your health and peace of mind…

Contaminants like…

  • Fluoride - a heavy metal the Chinese stopped using in their water decades ago… so now they sell their excess to us!

    Once considered a “good idea” by government do-gooders to prevent tooth decay, this poison has been linked to the dumbing-down of our children, lowering IQ scores and contributing to heart and nervous system problems.

    Did you know fluoride is used in rat poison? Most of Europe does, so they stopped fluoridating their water years ago, if they ever started at all.

  • Lead and arsenic – poisonous heavy metals that can cause everything from skin rashes, liver damage, mental problems, even cancer.

  • Viruses – terrifying microorganisms like polio, hepatitis, and SARS are transmitted by infected water.

  • Bacteria – deadly, fast growing infections can happen in a heartbeat from bacteria like E. Coli, cholera, campylobacter, even typhoid!

  • Pharmaceuticals – drugs rarely break down when we drop them down the toilet. Scary to think about, if you can get past the fact that this “grey water” often finds itself back in our municipal water supplies in the first place!

    Residues from “flushed” drugs such as hormones, heart meds, antibiotics, and even opioid narcotics are easily found in drinking water across the country.

    Some doctors even think the unprocessed hormones can cause early puberty in children and unwanted “man boobs!”

  • Parasites – just like I mentioned earlier, Cryptosporidium isn’t just “uncomfortable,” it can be downright deadly. Another toxic invader is giardia, a nasty one-celled organism just waiting to beat your immune system to a pulp.

    And it gets worse. Let’s not forget the infamous “brain eating amoeba” Naegleria Fowleri. This parasite has a fatality rate of 98%!

    While this “gray-matter glutton” has to enter your nasal passageways to feast on your brain, having this microscopic serial killer in your water isn’t a risk anyone should take!

    Put down the neti pot and back away from the tap slowly…

Add to that list all the mind-numbing chemicals that end up dumped into our waterways, despite the efforts of the bumbling EPA.

After all, it’s not just our filthy water that’s become a cesspool. Just look to Washington, D.C. and you’ll find another type of one just teeming with toxic corruption…

Beware The “Environmental Profits Agency”

I mean, look what they did to that river in Colorado recently – letting one million gallons of old mine wastewater runoff spill into it and turn it the color of “gold puke!”

Even a former government insider called this corrupt government agency “a paragon of waste, fraud and abuse, a corrupt Evil Empire in our midst.”

Talk about a total failure.

Besides the stories we see dominating the media like this colossal screw up by the EPA, it’s the hundreds of unregulated, untested contaminants flowing from our hometown taps every day that scare me the most.

Did you know, that of all the 8,000+ water contamination violations reported in 2015, almost 90% of them were not enforced or even looked at by the Feds?

Truth is, they’d rather spend their time inventing new ways to bully ordinary Americans on how to use their own resources than actually do their job – which is protecting our country’s citizens from environmental threats!

Not to mention, the “dirty backroom deals” the EPA is famous for… fleecing innocent citizens to the point of bankruptcy with huge, meaningless environmental violation “fines” to line their own greedy pockets!

No wonder they’re known as the “Environmental Profits Agency!”

And the gold mine runoff disaster is just one example… because it’s not just industry and development that’s a risk to the quality of our drinking water.

There’s also the threat of those who hate America, and may be considering water as the perfect way to carry out their dastardly plans…

Terrorists Looking To Water As A “Weapon Of Mass Destruction!”

Would-be terrorists have actually been caught red-handed by the FBI with plans to carry out a mass poisoning of the American public’s water supply.

After all, it just makes sense, right?

What better weapon than adding poison to something people consume every day? Lots of toxins, namely arsenic, are odorless and tasteless, and can cause massive damage to the human body before we know what hit us.

We already know that ISIS has terrorist cells lying in wait for their opportunity to strike. Lone wolf attacks are on the rise. Who says it won’t involve the ONE thing every living American needs to survive?

Water facilities are the perfect target to inflict a massive loss of life.

Biological weapons are not hard for terrorists to obtain. And because so many Americans are petrified of being labeled a bigot, even suspicious behavior leading to a future attack can go unreported.

Of the 160,000 public drinking water systems in the U.S.,
most have no more protection than a chain link fence!

Of the 160,000 public drinking water systems in the U.S., most have no more protection then a chain link fence!

But this terrifying “what if” is likely less dangerous than the “terror in your glass” that’s already happening…

Whether your drinking water is tainted from aging pipes, chemicals, or waterborne diseases… one thing is clear: the only person who can deliver the peace of mind of knowing you’re drinking pure, clean water… is YOU.

Other Solutions To Purify Your Water Fall Flat

At this point you’re probably anxious to find something that could protect you from all the threats I’ve talked about, lurking in your cup…

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll just go out and get one of those pitcher-type filters. That should do the trick, right?”

Well, in a word… no. And here’s why.

Pitcher-type water filters like Brita, for example, can only filter 40 gallons before the filter needs replacing.

And, their cheaply made filters simply don’t have the power to filter out the truly dangerous stuff from your water – things like chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, or viruses.

So no, Brita pitchers won’t protect you from dirty drinking water as well as you might assume.

Okay, forget the pitcher filters. What about just boiling my water?

Well, for starters, I don’t think boiling would be a convenient or realistic option. Do you? Can you imagine standing there by your stove, waiting for your teakettle or microwave to boil just one cup of water?

Nothing like a boiling cup of water to take the edge off a hot summer’s day…

What’s worse, when you’re dealing with toxins in Toledo, or lead in Flint…

Boiling actually concentrates the poisonous effects of the water, making it even more dangerous!

And water purification tablets?

Sure, they’re great for camping! But you’d never want to use them every day. Can you imagine dropping one in every glass? Not to mention they don’t make a dent in the most dangerous contaminants, like lead and fluoride.

Ok then, what about bottled water?

Good question. As we saw after the Toledo water debacle, bottled water is a finite resource. How long does a 24-bottle pack last your family? A few days, maybe a week?

You will have to continue to buy more and more cases of it. And, look at all the waste it creates.

Heck, the poor folks of Flint still have to use bottled water for nearly everything – drinking, cooking, and even bathing! That’s why each person is given a case of water a day. Talk about inconvenient!

Here’s the real rub when it comes to bottled H2O…

A recent expose confirmed that most bottled water is probably just as contaminated as the water flowing from your tap!

You may as well just stick an empty bottle under your faucet and save your hard-earned money.

You see, bottled-water companies don’t have to comply with federal clean water standards, as lax as they’ve been proven to be. So for 98 percent of the bottled-water on your grocery store’s shelves, the microscopic contents are all a mystery.

Talk about false advertising! Bottled water is one of the biggest scams out there, wrapped up in pictures of arctic glaciers and pristine mountain streams!

So now that we’ve eliminated the obvious other “choices” available…

We come to the million-dollar question…

How do you make sure the water your family drinks is dependably pure and safe?

Well, I’m about to show you how a breakthrough new device can transform even the most revolting, scummy looking water – even water from a gutter or drainage ditch – into pure and safe water for you to drink.

This amazing little workhorse can remove up to 99.9999% of the most dangerous contaminants in just minutes, leaving nothing but fresh, pure, healthy water.

Not only is this invention a filtering powerhouse, it’s an incredible value as well. It will pay for itself time and again, while saving you all kinds of money you’d spend on useless pitcher filters or wasteful water bottles.

So what am I talking about? What’s this “almost magical device” that’s turning the water filtration market on its head?

Alexapure Pro

It’s Called The Alexapure Pro

This one-of-a-kind “clean water miracle” is a simply revolutionary tabletop water filtration system.

It removes up to 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, toxic chemicals, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals, so that you can purify water from virtually any source into clean, safe, delicious drinking water.

It gives your family an almost endless supply of clean, good-tasting healthy water from practically any freshwater source – lakes, rivers, streams, even a pool or rain barrel!

What makes the Alexapure Pro so special is its patented, completely new breakthrough filter technology.

This “almost magical” filtration system works to remove both natural and manmade contaminants using only the power of one of Mother Nature’s most fundamental laws – gravity.

No batteries, electricity, or water pressure needed, which makes it perfect for both everyday use and in a crisis – especially if you’re going off the grid.

The amazing filter of Alexapure Pro not only removes the bad stuff you can see in your water, but it also removes just about every trace of the dangerous pollutants and contaminants you can’t see.

And as we know by now…

What You Can’t See CAN Hurt You!

The technology behind the Alexapure Pro is so high-tech, it has a patent pending for it. The ceramic hybrid outer shell removes all the bigger particles—it does the so-called “heavy lifting.”

It’s infused with silver, a natural “super predator” of nasty bacteria that also guards against slime build up on the filter body. Superior safety, and low maintenance too!

Now inside the ceramic shell is where the really difficult-to-catch, super-small contaminants get trapped and quickly removed before they can hurt you.

The Alexapure Pro engineering process resulted in never-before-seen improvements on reliable, time-tested elements.

The team literally played with the filter components on a molecular level and actually improved their effectiveness and their efficiency.

It’s all you need to filter as much as 5,000 gallons of contaminated water.

Feel free to compare the Alexapure Pro to the well-known Brita pitcher… even though there really is no comparison. Their filters are good for just 40 gallons.

The Alexapure Pro provides 125 times the water, and depending on your family’s usage, it could go on a single filter for over two years.

And even another leading tabletop filter, the Big Berkey, doesn’t come close to the filtration power of the Alexapure Pro (and is way more expensive!). You actually have to buy a separate filter (for a hefty chunk of change more!!) just to filter out fluoride and arsenic!

But before we go any further…

Let Me Show You The “Magic” Behind This Clean Water Wonder

On the outside, you might think the Alexapure Pro looks like an old-style coffee pot… you know, the kind you’d see in yesterday’s cafeterias or factory break rooms.

But hidden inside, there’s a patent-pending, powerhouse of a filter that filthy water is absolutely no match for.

It’s really kind of magical the way the Alexapure Pro works.

WATCH THIS VIDEO… and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.


The super-filtration power of this carbon gravity block is breakthrough technology that the competition only wishes it thought of first!

It’ll Snatch Up Even The Tiniest Contaminants Lurking In Your Water

Including the really bad stuff like arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals like mercury and lead…

Even disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and nasty parasites.

And give you safe, clean drinking water that tastes like a virgin mountain stream.

With the Alexapure Pro, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your family will have water to drink no matter where it comes from.

Even better…

Alexapure Pro has triple-filtration power that most others can’t deliver, plus an astonishing flow rate of about 2.3 gallons per hour!

That’s nearly triple the flow rate of the competition. And, there’s actually room for up to four filters in your Alexapure Pro – for an even faster flow rate that will blow your mind!

In a crisis, you can start providing life saving water to your entire family in just a matter of minutes.

And given the state of our nation’s water supply, every day is a crisis!

Can you imagine having to ration your water? With Alexapure Pro, you’ll have all the clean water you need…

While the family who mistakenly bought the competition’s filter has to decide which person gets life-saving water now… and which has to wait in line or even go without.

You’ll be enjoying the hydration and hygiene that the Alexapure Pro gives you – and fast. While those other families—the ones who thought they had their water problem solved—have to ration bottled water purchased at sky-high prices.

Just to avoid suffering the life-threatening effects of dehydration.

Seeing Is Believing… The Proof Is In The Water!

Now that you know how the amazing Alexapure Pro’s filtration system works, how about we see it in action right now? Be warned though, this part is pretty graphic, and it might just churn your stomach a bit…


This isn’t trick camera work. Everything we’ve just showed you is all in a day’s work for the Alexapure Pro. Designed to work like a miracle to tackle the filthiest water imaginable.

But, I understand if you need more convincing.

Science Doesn’t Lie, Which Is Why We Tested Alexapure Pro Using A Nationally Recognized, Third Party Lab

You may be shocked to know that many of our nation’s water treatment plants don’t even perform the minimum required tests to make sure your water is actually safe.

Which is why you’re going to really feel good about the lengths we went to when testing out the Alexapure Pro.

Envirotek Laboratories did extensive testing of the Alexapure Pro, see their full test results here.

We have scientific proof from Envirotek Laboratories, a nationally known certified water-testing lab, proving that the Alexapure Pro is so effective it can easily clean up water even more contaminated and more dangerous than the sewer slop we mixed up.

Water so bad, you’ve got to wear protective rubber gloves to work with it.

It may technically still be considered “water” but it’s so filthy and risky, it may as well be hydrochloric acid!

Now, scientists at Envirotek are serious professionals when it comes to water testing. They do it for government, business and concerned community groups across the country.

Being a third-party tester for Alexapure Pro, their findings are based solely on their test results – actual science – without any incentive to affect the outcomes.

Now here’s where the “rubber meets the road.”

They mixed up a test batch of water containing over 214 contaminants that you definitely don’t want in your water… or in your body.

The incredibly polluted and dangerous water they concocted contained heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceutical drugs. This “suicide solution” had all kinds of dangerous crud swimming around in it!

Just for good measure, they even added some revolting parasites to see if they’d get targeted, too.

The result of all this testing? Alexapure passed with flying colors!

“The Alexapure filter element qualifies as a microbiological water purifier set forth by the NSF protocol P231, an internationally recognized standard used for all water filters of this type to ensure minimum requirements are met or exceeded.”

Envirotek ran this lethal mixture through a standard Alexapure Pro and recorded the results. Then they repeated the tests to make sure the numbers matched.

That’s a level of testing almost unheard of with other water filtration systems! Even water systems serving thousands of people rarely go this far… but we do.

And believe me, going to these lengths to prove how effective the Alexapure Pro is at cleaning your water isn’t convenient… or cheap.

But we knew it was absolutely worth it to prove beyond a doubt that our “dirty water antidote” does exactly what we say it will.

Cutting edge filtration and verified lab results on its water purity aren’t the only positive attributes of the Alexapure Pro.

In fact, a large part of its genius is in its overall simplicity of design and function.

Here’s what I mean…

Alexapure Pro is so Easy to Set Up, Almost Anyone Can Do It!

Despite the cutting edge filtration technology, Alexapure Pro couldn’t be easier to set up. Just a few steps, and you’re on your way to the purest and best-tasting water you’ve ever had!

And to show you how easy it is, our dedicated team member Danielle is here to demonstrate:


Honestly, Alexapure Pro is so easy to set up, I bet any grade schooler could have it done in about ten minutes flat!

Here’s another thing you need to know, and I really just need to make this clear because it’s what makes the competition start fuming…

The Alexapure Pro lasts long past the time other filters say “uncle!” You’ll get up to 5,000 gallons of fresh, clean, pure water at a time before you change a thing.

From a SINGLE filter!

That’s 125-times more water from Alexapure Pro than a grocery store Brita! Since the average family of four can use up to five gallons of water per day, that means that Alexapure Pro could last up to 1,000 days longer.

And no trips to the store for new filters all the time!

If you’re curious… that’s an INCREDIBLE 40,000 16-ounce bottles of water from a single Alexapure Pro filter. At a dollar per bottle of water, that’s $40,000.00 worth of bottled water. That’s a down payment on a house!

Not to mention… where in the WORLD are you going to store 40,000 bottles of water?

Comparable water filters (and I use that term loosely) claim to filter a measly 3,000 gallons on their best day.

The Alexapure Pro’s got a great big 7.5 liter tank (that’s 2.25 gallons)… so there’s enough water on hand at all times to keep your family healthy and hydrated.

And since its footprint is so small, this filter powerhouse fits virtually anywhere, even on a small countertop, in a RV or a small cabin. And if you have to move out in a hurry, just pop it in your trunk and go…

Plus, the stainless steel construction makes it sturdy and easy to clean (not to mention, sleek and stylish).

David from West Virginia raves about how pure and great tasting his water is now:

David Martin
June 1 at 11:22am ·

We love our Alexapure Pro. The water is clean and pure and best of all, it works without electricity. The water tastes great and we can filter many gallons a day. We highly recommend the Alexapure Pro to anyone that wants to drink clean water.

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And here’s another satisfied customer, Rose, who loves the peace of mind her Alexapure Pro delivers:

Rose Saint Ellen
June 1 at 11:22am ·

We live in the country and depend on electricity for the well. Several factors can cause us to lose electricity and we needed to be prepared. We have used the filter for a week and love knowing that we can clean water every day. Will be ordering another filter in the next few days to give us a faster flow. Thanks.

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Revolutionary Water Filtration Technology… At A Special Introductory Price!

Okay, so let’s get down to “brass tacks.”

I guess the big question on your mind now is, “What does something like the Alexapure Pro cost?”

How much would you expect to pay for this revolutionary technology? What’s an endless supply of delicious crystal-clear water worth to you?

Does $1,000 seem reasonable? $500?

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because the Alexapure Pro doesn’t come close to costing that much (even though it honestly would be worth it, even at those prices).

The fact is, the suggested retail price of the Alexapure Pro is only $297. But because I want to make sure you’ve got the ultimate in clean water protection…

I’m going to do you one better, and offer you the Alexapure Pro for the special introductory price of just $197.

That’s right. If you act today, you can have the amazing Alexapure Pro shipped right to your door at the low introductory price of just $197.

Incredible! For less than $200, you can own a water purification system that could literally save your life in a crisis. Plus, it can save you thousands compared to buying bottled water.

The Alexapure Pro filter can purify 5,000 gallons of water. We’re talking less than 4¢ a gallon here. Compare that to the cost of bottled water. Even at a low 50¢ a bottle, 5,000 gallons could easily cost $10,000 or more.

You could pay that much and STILL not know if the water you’re buying is any cleaner than what comes out of your tap.

Isn’t that a smart deal?

I’m sure you can see how much better this is for you, right?

Click the “Yes, I want pure water!” button now.

Cutting-Edge Water Filtration Isn’t The Only Thing You’ll Get!

I want to make this a real “no brainer” for you, so I’m going to throw in THREE GREAT BONUSES WORTH OVER $50 WHEN YOU ORDER YOUR ALEXAPURE PRO TODAY.

Bonus #1 is FREE Shipping!

First, we’re going to give you FREE Shipping (a $24 value) on your Alexapure Pro! And that’s to anywhere in the USA or Canada. Plus you’ll be insured against shipment damage.

Shipping and insurance is all on my dime. No worries about lost shipments, mis-deliveries, or damaged goods.

Hang on, because it gets even better! You’re going to love this…

Bonus #2 is a FREE 11-in-1 Survival Tool

This handy little number packs 11 valuable functions into a tool no bigger than a credit card. Carry it and you will always have a bottle opener, knife-edge, three wrenches, a can opener, a saw blade and more. It normally sells for $10, but when you know you have it on hand, it’s priceless in a pinch. It’s yours free.

Bonus #3 is a FREE Water Survival Guide

The perfect companion to the Alexapure Pro, this guide takes you step-by-step through a plan that includes water storage and how to source and collect water in an emergency. A $20 value—it’s yours free.

Bonuses are nice, and I’m happy to offer them. But the real peace of mind?

That comes with the guarantee.

I want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. That’s why every Alexapure Pro comes with my unique double guarantee.

You’re 100% Protected By My Famous No-Hassle, Double Guarantee!

Guarantee #1

Guarantee #1 is a 365-day promise that if you feel the Alexapure Pro does not produce the cleanest, best-tasting water you’ve ever had, you can simply return it—no questions asked—for a full refund of every penny you paid.

Guarantee #2

Guarantee #2 is your assurance that the Alexapure Pro can do all that I said it could. If you try the Alexapure Pro and find it does not remove contaminants as outlined in the certified testing-lab reports, I will not only refund your purchase price, but I will also send you a check for $500.00!

That’s how confident I am that the Alexapure Pro will do everything we say it will do.

Alexapure Pro
  • Alexapure Pro Water Reservoir $297.00
  • 1 Alexapure Pro Water Filter (good for 5,000 gallons) $250.00
  • FREE 11-in-1 Survival Tool $10.00
  • FREE Water Survival Guide Hard Copy Report $20.00
  • FREE Shipping $24.00
  • Total Value $601.00

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Let’s check out some more testimonials from folks just like you, who can’t get enough of their Alexapure Pro:

Lynn says she’s done with bottled water, now that she has her Alexapure Pro:

Lynn Walsh
January 5 at 8:23am ·

Bought this as a family Christmas gift. My son and husband used one of the “other” filter systems. I drank bottled spring water. Now, the Alexapure Pro sits on the kitchen counter, giving clean safe water to all of us. The water tastes clean and fresh. A true “thumbs up.” Our guests love it, too!

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Andrea B. raves about her Alexapure Pro:

Andrea Black
October 21 at 7:03pm ·

We are so happy with our Alexapure Pro water filter. It’s so easy and makes the best tasting coffee and tea. We’re about to order some more filters. Great service, too. Thank you!

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Daniel says he isn’t taking any risks drinking “poisoned” water:

Daniel Knox
July 27 at 6:45pm ·

Even though we buy bottled water at the store, we also run the water through our Alexapure Pro. We’re not taking any risks! We are not going to drink poison and this is our #1 tool towards that end. The Alexapure Pro is an investment in our continued excellent health.

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Those are just a handful of testimonials we’ve gotten from folks about their Alexapure Pro. We’ve received so many positive reviews, in fact, we even had to build a separate website just to keep track of them all!

Wouldn’t you like the same unshakeable peace of mind about the water you and your family drink?

Go ahead and click the “I want clean water” big orange button below to claim your Alexapure Pro right now. By doing so, you are reserving the most powerful water filtration system available on the market – and safeguarding you and your family’s health, as well!

I’m just going to be extra-real with you here…

The American water crisis is going to hit a fever pitch in the near future as more and more people find out just how gross and filthy their hometown tap water really is.

This means my inventory on Alexapure Pro could sell out soon, and I’d have to wait for more to arrive to fill the backorders. That’s IF I can get them!

I don’t want you risking your family’s health on a “what if” kind of situation. Isn’t it much better to take decisive action now, and make sure you’ve always got access to clean, life-giving water, no matter what happens?

Don’t Let The Heart Wrenching Suffering Of Milwaukee, Flint, Or Toledo’s Victims Be In Vain…

Just like those poor folks in Milwaukee, Toledo and Flint… tomorrow morning you could be waking up to your town officials issuing some kind of “boil alert” for your community’s water. Or maybe there just won’t be any clean water to drink, period.

How helpless would you feel, knowing you’d seen this presentation, you know the facts about the filthy water spilling out of your tap, and you did nothing? How would you explain this to your family or loved ones?

You’d be forced into a corner to admit, “Yes, I knew this could happen, and I knew of a proven way to protect you, but I slept on it anyway…”

I can’t imagine the sting of regret on that one. Because here’s the reality…

Without water, our health quickly deteriorates. We grow weak, mentally foggy, and can’t make sound decisions.

Water is the most essential part of our bodies functioning properly. Heck, we’re 60% water, and that’s a verifiable FACT. If there’s no hydration making it to our cells, we are pretty much in a life or death situation.

The good news is, now you know you have a solution… one that’s affordable, reliable, and powerful enough to give you genuinely clean water from almost any freshwater source. Why wait and tempt fate?

Last Chance To Claim Your “Clean Water Insurance Policy”

Alexapure Pro
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